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Tourist Areas

Some tourist areas from Yahala

Low Yat Plaza Shopping Mall

Kuala Lumpur

Low yat Plaza is located in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur, on Bukit Bintang Street. It is the first market in Malaysia specialized in technology. It is specialize

Strawberry Farms

Cameron Highlands

The famous strawberry farms are located in Highlands Cameron at a height of 2000 meters above sea level in Malaysia. It is a low-temperature area where tea plantations

Studios Museum


The Studios Museum is located in the state of Malacca, on a plateau in the center of Malacca. The Studios Museum is the oldest building in the Asian East of the ancient D

Melaka Straits Mosque


The Melaka Straits Mosque, known as the Celta Mosque in the State of Malaká. Tuanku Syed Serageldin of Berlice State opens it in November 2003. It is also an important t

Payer Island


Payer Island is located 30 km southeast of Langkawi in Malaysia. Payer Island is Malaysia's largest island. There is a floating marina, where you can enjoy beautiful cora

Bali Bird Park

Bali Island

Bali Bird Park is Located in the village of Singabad on Bali Island. Bali Bird Park is one of the most beautiful Parks in Indonesia. It is a great park and tropical veg

Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)

Bali Island

Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ) is located at the Trek Ay Gallery of Bali Visual Tricks, Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ) offers stunning images and great fun for the entire fam

Taman Safari Indonesia


Taman Safari Indonesia Park is located about 77 km south of Jakarta in Indonesia's Puncak city. The Taman safari park is one of the most important tourist attractions in