Phuket is located southeast of the Kingdom of Thailand, about 862 km south of the capital Bangkok, Thailand's most important tourist destination with a population of 75,573 people and one of the most important economic pillars of Thailand. Phuket is a major tourist destination and is one of the oldest cities in Thailand. It has known for its ancient buildings, which were built in a European architectural style mixed with the modern Chinese style. Phuket has a variety of beautiful holiday destinations and is famous for its famous Koh Phi Phi Island, ban nha and charming Patong Beach. The beaches of Phuket are among the most beautiful diving sites in the world, which has characterized by the diversity of coral reefs and marine creatures of different sea turtles and others. The divers can choose a day to scuba diving with meals and drinks on board boats equipped with all amenities. In addition, there are many attractions like an Old Town, Zoo, Tiger Kingdom, Aquarium, Fantasia Phuket, jungle Splash Park, Bang Bay Waterfall, Wat Chalong Temple, Laguna Camp and the Great Buddha Statue.