Bali Island
Bali island is Located in Indonesia, it is one of 800 other islands. Bali is one of the most beautiful islands in the world. For its enjoyment of beautiful nature, tropical forests and its beautiful beaches and visit the island of Bali a large number of tourists for recreation and enjoy the nature of the picturesque. Bali is about two hours away from Jakarta by plane. The island of Bali is also characterized by diverse cultures because of the presence of the effects of the oldest Islamic monuments. Bali has picturesque rice terraces and a series of volcanic mountains extending from west to east. It has many activities such as sports, diving, swimming and fishing, as well as family-friendly activities such as large sandy beaches, waterfalls, lakes, boating and small boats. There are also gardens dedicated to animals and plants, including bird gardens, butterflies, elephants and reptiles. The artistic capital of Ubud is the ideal venue for watching cultural dance performances. Bali has many charming beaches such as Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta Beach and Jimbaran Beach. There is also beautiful Mount Batur.