The city of Puncak is located in Indonesia and is one of Indonesia's most famous tourist cities, with its unique and natural attractions. The city of Puncak attracts many tourists all year round. Which is located in the state of Jakarta, where it contains the most beautiful natural tourist places located in the whole of Indonesia. The city of Puncak is one of the most important tourist areas in the state of Jakarta and Indonesia. The city of Puncak characterized by its mild and cold weather at night and Puncak is famous for its luxury markets. It also has many local and international restaurants. In addition, it has the rarest flower, which is one meter long. It also has the most famous tea plantations located in Jabal Mas and has many wonderful recreational areas. The most important tourist attractions are Telaga Warna Lake, Seven Falls, Gunung Mas Farm and Matahari Them Park.