Bandung city
Bandung city is the capital of West Java province. Bandung is the third largest city in Indonesia. It was surrounded by the beautiful volcanic mountains of Bandung, each side is about 180 kilometres from the capital Jakarta. The city of Bandung is a wonderful place, according to what all its visitors call the "Paris Jawa", and in the mountain town of Bandung tea and strawberry farms. The city of Bandung was calling "the city of Venus", influenced by the many flowers that filled the city, Due to its geographical location. Bandung's climate is mild and gentle. Bandung is famous for its universities, clothes and gourmet cuisine. The population of Bandung is about 2.7 million people. Bandung is one of the most famous tourist cities in Indonesia. The city of Bandung characterized by its Dutch architectural design, which built at the time of the 18th-century Dutch colonization. The city has many events such as mountain activities and adventure sports. Among the important landmarks of Bandung is the Asian-African Conference Museum, Post Museum, Bank Indonesia Building, St. Peter's Cathedral and Tangkuban Perahu Volcano.