Cameron Highlands
Cameron Heights is located 1500 meters above sea level, about 200 kilometers away from the capital Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Heights is following to Bhang state. Cameron heights are one of the oldest tourist sites in Malaysia and one of Malaysia's best tourist attractions. Which has owned by the Highlands and the beauty of its charming nature. The most important attraction for tourists is its beautiful cool weather and the visitors can see the charming clouds from the top heights. The Cameron Highlands are considers a true green paradise in Southeast Asia. The name of the Cameroon Heights has named after William Cameron, who was sent by the British government in the 1880s to delineate the boundaries of Pahang. Today Cameron Heights is one of the first tourist destinations for tourists in Malaysia. And The most important tourist areas in Cameron Heights are the famous tea farms, the wonderful strawberry plantations, the special rose nurseries. The fruit and vegetable farms exported to all of Malaysia, in addition, there are golf courses and the garden Butterflies, bee farms and enchanting waterfalls to a large number of luxury hotels and local and international restaurants.