Penang Island is located on the northwestern coast of the Malaysian Peninsula, and Penang Island (Pearl of the East) and has characterized by its combination of Eastern and Western character. The reason for its name is Penang meaning "Coconut". and the first discovered Penang by Captain Francis Light in 1787 and the Sultan handed over the island TO him in the same year in recognition of his efforts. He developed it to make it the first British Center for Foreign Trade in the Far East; it is evident in the nearby heritage buildings of modern buildings. In addition, has considered George Town is the capital of Penang and the commercial, the educational and social center of Penang Island. The city has named Georgetown by British King George III. Penang Island is the third largest economic power in Malaysia, and the southern part of Penang is one of the world's largest centres of technology, such as Dell, Intel, MDA, Terra, and Motorola. Penang Island has a large agricultural wealth: palm, rice, rubber, coconuts, and many other fruits. Moreover, there are Coffee shops, nightclubs, entertainment and food that spread throughout Penang Island, catering to all tastes. also Penang Island has many attractions like a Floating Mosque, Penang war Museum, Sri Mariamman temple, Butterfly Farm, Penang Park, Snake Temple and Bird Park. Penang Island also features large and clean beaches, which includes the world's most luxurious hotels. Further, Penang Island has the second oldest university in Malaysia “university science Malaysia” which was established since more than 50 years ago.