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Tourist Areas

Some tourist areas from Yahala

National Mosque Negara

Kuala Lumpur

The Negara Mosque or the National Mosque is the most distinct mosque in Kuala Lumpur. The mosque is one of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia. Its unique contemporary

Kilim Karst Geoforest


Kilim Karst Geoforest located on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia, tours of the lakes are designed for visitors who are excited to thrive in the natural park of Kilim.

Tanjung Bungah Valley


Tanjung Bungah Valley is located in the northern part of Penang Island. Tanjung Bungah Valley is one of the suburbs that leads to Batu Ferringhi Beach and is, therefore,

Thousand Islands


Thousand Islands are 45 km from the city of Jakarta, forming several large and small islands in the form of a borderline sea line in the Gulf of Jakarta. They are actuall

National Monument


National Monument or locally known Monnans is located in the center of Jakarta, Indonesia. It is one of the monuments erected by President Sukarno, which symbolizes the d

Dunia Fantasi


Dunia Fantasi theme park is located in the Indonesian city of Ankol Dreamland. Dunia Fantasi is the largest theme park in Indonesia. It offers a variety of different game

fruit garden


The fruit garden is located in the city of puncak. The fruit garden is one of the most important tourist places in the city of puncak. It is also the largest tropical fru

perhentian Island

State of Terengganu

Perhentian Island is about 20 km north of the State of Kuala Terengganu. Perhentian Island has characterized by magnificent forests covering the whole island, white beach