The Lakehouse
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The Lakehouse Hotel is Located in the state of Bhang in Cameroon Heights in Malaysia, the hotel is 90 minutes away from Ipoh and 3 hours from Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is located on a hill of cold Cameroonian hills overlooking the Sultan Abu Bakr Lake. The Lakehouse hotel has 18 rooms and the rooms at the Lake House Cameron Highland Hotel have relics, which are a kilometre above sea level and overlook the Sultan Abu Bakr Lake. Ipoh, the nearest city to the hotel, is a 90-minute drive away, while guests can sit on a comfortable chair in the reading room and enjoy quiet moments by the fireplace. There is also a games room where guests can play table games. and the restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, offering local and English cuisine, with vegetarian options. The Cameron Bar serves a wide selection of spirits.