Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands are 45 km from the city of Jakarta, forming several large and small islands in the form of a borderline sea line in the Gulf of Jakarta. They are actually 76 coral islands that appear and disappear with the sea tides. The islands are the best place for diving, snorkelling and hunting. It is the perfect place to listen to the warm sea sun. Many marine organisms are part of the coral reef ecosystem. There are 144 species of fish, two types of giant clams and sea worms of various colours. Moreover, 17 species of coastal birds. The islands characterized as one of the most important islands that contain clear blue water, which can relax inside and enjoy the beauty, and in some areas turn water to the color of the charming turquoise that attracts all tourists to it, and the Thousand Islands contains turtles with beaks and turtles Which are considered to be endangered species. In addition, magnificent coconut palms and mangrove forests surround most of the islands.