Cable Car
The cable car on the island of Langkawi Located on the height about 709 meters above sea level. In addition, by this cable car you can reach to the second highest peak of Langkawi Island, it is consider a great opportunity to see the island from the top. In this tour that take 20 minute, you can enjoy watching jungle waterfalls and rainforests with its dense forests, and even you can see the border of Thailand to the north and the sands of Indonesia to the south-west, and in this unique experience takes the cable car at a high altitude up to a degree of 42 degrees, to travel 2.2 kilometers from the main station of the cable in Langkawi to the two stations that located in top of Mountains, there you can also watch the bridge of sky commentator who fascinates the visitors brilliant on the island of Langkawi and glass floors that fascinates everyone when you stand it and look down to see the dense forests that stretch in Langkawi Heights Overlooking, so it is always advised to visit cable car in Langkawi island.