Eagle Square
The Eagle Square on Langkawi Island is the most important stone on Langkawi Island in Malaysia. And the Eagle Square is located at the southeast end of Langkawi Island, next to the boat station. The statue takes the form of a huge eagle that willing to fly and the statue's length is about 12 meters, and its color is frequented between red and brown, and there are behind The statue is a magnificent mountain backdrop. And the name of the (langkawi ) came from the name of this eagle where the word lang is in ancient Malay (eagle) and means the word (kawi) Brown color, The two words are merged into the word Langkawi, and there are many restaurants, gardens, and beautiful lakes. In addition, can enjoy with a magnificent view of the sea and the field together. And to the proximity of the monument from the sea, walking in his pleasant, quiet gardens for visitors is a very wonderful because of the tranquil sea breezes and the sounds of magnificent waves, a boat can be rented or participate in a cruise around the place and enjoy the magnificent sea atmosphere.